Rental Housing Supply Alliance of Canada*

About the Alliance

pexels-photo-22405The Rental Housing Supply Alliance of Canada* is a group of builders, developers and innovators who care strongly about getting new purpose built rental housing constructed across Canada.

Far too often government policies, regulations and taxes serve as a disincentive to invest in and build rental housing.  The Rental Housing Supply Alliance of Canada* will work with governments and stakeholders to get these problems fixed and ensure rental housing construction is strong and viable in Canada.

Our advocacy is at all three orders of government – federal, provincial and municipal – with one goal in mind.  Getting new rental housing built in markets all across Canada.

The Rental Housing Alliance of Canada* will also work with like-minded organisations who support the construction and viability of rental housing across the country.

Why Now?

Current governments are acting to shape the rental housing market with little to no discussion with those in the industry. This unilateral decision-making approach has created the necessity for those with a role in providing rental housing to act collectively and proactively in order to affect policy for the better.

The Rental Housing Supply Alliance of Canada* will present reasoned arguments the different levels of governments:

  • Federally – We will work with the government on taxation.
  • Provincially – We will address rent control legislation, the landlord and landlord tenant act legislation.
  • Municipally – Issues to address include taxation as well as permits, zoning, and density.

Steering Committee

Derek Lobo  
Derek Lobo
Interim Chair

To join the steering committee, contact Derek Lobo:

Contact Us

We are looking for your input. Contact us for inquiries and updates on the activities of the Rental Housing Supply Alliance of Canada*.

*The organisation name “Rental Housing Supply Alliance of Canada” is currently a working name and may change in the future.